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New Construction

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Should I have representation, and why?

Did you know that most builders will pay for you to have your own personal representative during the build process?  A sales consultant at a new home builder’s site is working on the builder’s behalf and not yours.  This is…

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The Advantages

Living in a home that was built just for you has its perks!  Building a new home from the ground up will give you more opportunities to build your dream home.  Not only do you have the ability to pick…

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Points to Consider

Builders often require that you use their approved contracts instead of the standard contracts that are meant to protect the consumer.  These contracts favor the builder.  Build times can be around 8-14 months.  Sometimes the completion time gets delayed due…

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Even though this is a brand new house it is still important to have it professionally inspected.  There is a short window of time for items to be completed during the warranty period and a professional inspector knows what to…

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